Chow chow puppies: the most adorable puppy dog

chow chow puppies

Chow chow or chow pup as it is known in some areas is a kind of dog breed that has its origin from china. The dog is called Songshi Quan, which means 'puffy lion dog', according to a recent DNA study the dog is one of the oldest breeds and was a native breed in northern parts of china and Mongolia. Chow chow puppies have sturdy and are square in profile with small, triangular upright ears with rounded tips. One of the most visible features of the dog is the broad skull and thick double coat. The coat can be rough or smooth and the dog is a charming and cute because of the fur. This dog breed has a curly tail, which has thick hair lying to the back. The common coat colors that this dog breed is known to have include red, black, cream, cinnamon and in other instances blue.

This type of breed has deep set of eyes, which are almond shaped giving them an alluring charisma. The tongue is a mixture of blue and black to purple colors and the bluish color goes to the lip region. The distinctive feature of this dog breed is the bluish color on the oral cavity and the lips; on the other hand, the nose is black coated with chow pups. Chow chow puppies are kept by most people because of their adorable faces, however the dog has some kind of discernment when it comes to strangers and is protective to the owners and their property. The dog is affectionate when it comes to its temperament and is devoted to the family with some expert referring to have some cat-like personalities. Moreover, the dog is not extremely active therefore, a good breed to house in apartments. Health wise the dog does not do well in hot and humid weather and is prone to some problems such as glaucoma, cataracts among others. It is essential that you walk your puppy on a daily basis and take it to the vet for regular checkups.

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